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Welcome to CLEAR’s archive collection of materials and products. All of these products are available free of charge, and include various online resources for language learning and teaching, a variety of downloadable PDF publications, and language education-related videos to stream or download. In its 22-year history, CLEAR developed dozens of products for language educators and learners; over the years, with constant advances in technology, many of CLEAR’s older videos, CD-ROMs, and online products have become outdated. The list of products below represents only a fraction of CLEAR’s productivity over its multiple grant cycles.


Celebrating the World’s Languages: A Guide to Creating a World Languages Day Event

  • This publication provides a step-by-step guide to planning “World Languages Day,” a university event for high school students designed to stimulate interest in learning languages and to highlight the importance of cultural awareness.


VAULTT: Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques

  • VAULTT is a collection of original videos highlighting various aspects of language teaching in the classroom. Each short video is accompanied by supplementary information explaining the techniques and relating them to best practices in language teaching.


LCTL Virtual Oral Interview Classroom-based Exam System (LCTL VOICES)

  • Teachers of Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) can sign up to use CLEAR’s Virtual Oral Interview Classroom-based Exam System (VOICES) to assess or monitor their students’ progress in speaking.


Language Learning & Technology

  • Language Learning & Technology is a refereed journal that began publication in July 1997. The journal disseminates research to foreign and second language educators in the US and around the world on issues related to technology and language education.


Culturally Speaking in Chinese

  • This project includes eleven units that use Chinese cultural themes as the main thread, aimed at teaching Chinese invisible culture and how to perform appropriately in authentic situations.


Instructional Guides for Use in Small Classes: Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, African Languages

  • These free downloadable Instructional Guides are written for native speakers of the various target languages who are teaching the languages in either classroom or tutorial settings. A video is also available to accompany the African languages guide.


Test Development Workbook

  • This workbook is designed to assist language instructors who develop their own tests. Explanations of different possible test items are accompanied by a variety of examples.