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This publication provides a step-by-step guide to planning “World Languages Day,” a university event for high school students designed to stimulate interest in learning languages and to highlight the importance of cultural awareness. Co-authored by personnel from CLEAR, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Minnesota, the guide gives perspectives and advice from three different universities. The guide is organized chronologically, outlining the steps needed to organize an event like World Languages Day at your institution. Every step of the way is covered, including: – Rationale – Laying the groundwork – Funding – Publicity – Presenters and sessions – Participating schools – Registration – Logistics – Exhibit area – Volunteers – Evaluations The appendices include sample budgets, programs, session descriptions, ads, timelines, letter templates, and other useful information.

Product Download: A Guide to Creating a World Languages Day Event


Joy Campbell
Catherine Reiland
Stephanie Treat
Sally Magnan
Dianna Murphy