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Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR), housed at Michigan State University from 1996-2018, was to promote and support the teaching and learning of foreign languages in the United States by facilitating foreign language learning and teaching, conducting research, developing materials, and providing professional development training opportunities.

History & Funding

CLEAR was founded in 1996 and was one of a varied number of  Language Resource Centers (LRCs) nationwide. The number of LRCs grew from seven when CLEAR began to sixteen in CLEAR’s final funding cycle, 2014-2018. CLEAR received funding under Title VI of the US Department of Education and was also supported by Michigan State University.

Contributions to the Field

In its 22 years, CLEAR built a reputation for outstanding service and contributions to the field. CLEAR personnel and affiliated faculty members were active in foreign language research and advocacy, and also played an important role in disseminating information on the Language Resource Centers’ collective offerings. CLEAR maintained relationships with numerous professional organizations through board memberships, invited plenaries and workshops, and committee service.


CLEAR was co-founded by Professors Susan Gass and Patricia Paulsell. Dr. Paulsell served as Co-Director of CLEAR from 1996 until her retirement in 2013. Dr. Gass served as Co-Director for CLEAR’s entire 22 years. Dr. Charlene Polio joined CLEAR as a new Co-Director in its final funding cycle, and served from 2014-18. Joy Campbell served as CLEAR’s Executive Associate Director from 2004-2018, and was preceded by Associate Directors Jane Ozanich and India Plough.


Questions about CLEAR and its history can be directed to former Co-Director Dr. Charlene Polio, polio[at]