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Why surviving? It sounds rather ominous, perhaps calling to mind technology rising up to subdue the humans who created it. Our intent is not to paint an apocalyptic picture for language educators. Quite the contrary, while technologies continue to develop and permeate an ever-increasing area of the human sphere, they also get deprecated, deactivated, and dethroned. Think of all the changes you’ve seen as an educator in just the last two decades. Change upon change (often, it seems, simply for the sake of change) has found its way into our classrooms through recommendation, institutional promotion, or plain desperation. Do you find it challenging to keep up with the ever-growing — and shrinking — list of technology aids that are supposed to make teaching more effective and learning easier, quicker, and better? Does it ever seem like the technology designed to facilitate your work has turned into just another responsibility or pedagogical innovation with which you must keep up? If so, you’re not alone. For adults who have seen the more rudimentary versions of it, technology now seems to equate to life itself. It is almost impossible for those born after the advent of the World Wide Web and iPhone to imagine a life without them. As a result, one could say that ‘technology is life,’ or at least, that technology impacts every life.

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