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We all love it when our students have those “aha” moments – finally nailing the subjunctive, mastering a rolled r, or producing a perfectly formed kanji. As teachers, we are constantly seeking ways to keep those moments alive not only in the classroom but also in our students’ daily lives. How can we maintain that “aha” enthusiasm for language learning, linking it to students’ larger dreams and professional goals? One way is to organize extracurricular events such as international movie nights, foreign language speech competitions, or global food fairs. While any event like this takes time and renewed energy, teachers reap the benefits when their students return to the classroom with renewed interest. At Michigan State University (MSU), and at a number of other institutions nationwide (see sidebar, p. 5), an event called World Languages Day (WLD) is held each spring. In this article I will share from our experience in organizing WLD and present a few ideas to get you started on planning a similar event at your own institution.

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