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I will definitely incorporate most of the skills learned here. There are a lot of exciting possibilities and I can't wait to try them out!

Rich Internet Applications

The goal of CLEAR's Rich Internet Applications (RIA) initiative is to create tools that are informed by language acquisition research, and engage language learners in active learning. The RIA suite of applications is comprised of free tools that teachers of any language can use to create cloud-based language teaching materials – or have their students themselves create activities. The applications provide functionality that is aligned with mainstream language instruction, L2 acquisition theory, current practices in assessment, and they allow teachers to perform activities that are not possible or practical in conventional classrooms.

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Upcoming Events

CLEAR personnel will be exhibiting and/or presenting at these upcoming conferences, in addition to a few other events listed below.

Professional Development

One of CLEAR's main project areas is strengthening the teaching of foreign languages through high quality professional development workshops on current topics in language pedagogy. CLEAR offers a wide variety of professional development workshops for foreign language instructors of all languages and levels, both on MSU's campus and onsite.

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