RIA Audio Playback Problems Reported by Users

Posted by joyclear on April 21, 2015

Trouble with audio playback in Rich Internet Applications? We've learned that this is being caused by a bug in the latest release of Flash Player (version Adobe is working to fix the problem (which is affecting not just RIAs but similarly coded applications worldwide), but in the meantime CLEAR has identified a couple of workarounds (follow the discussion: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1819103). Thanks for your patience!

As a workaround, a user on our Facebook page gave us this great suggestion:

I was able to solve the playback problem by downloading the Video Dropbox instead of playing it directly. That way it opened it in a new browser and played without problem!

This method also works for Audio Dropbox, which you can download as an MP3 and listen to the file from your computer with no problem. In Conversations, you can select the download option and come back later to download the MPGs for playback (Conversations takes longer to convert, so there's more of a lag).

There is another workaround for Conversations that we've come up with which is cumbersome but will work with a few extra steps.

Warning: The following workaround is for those who are pretty technically savvy

We have also found that this problem can be corrected by downgrading your Flash version to version Our programmer has tested this and it does correct the problem.
If you would like to attempt to make this change on your own, follow these instructions: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/install-previous-version-flash-player.html
The instructions say that, first, you will have to download the Flash Player Uninstaller to remove your current version of Flash. Next, you will be asked to download an archived version of Flash Player. Instead of using the link that they list in their instructions, we have already downloaded the version that you should install and provided a link to it on our servers:
To download the archived version, use this link: http://media.clear.msu.edu/files/fp_17.0.0.134_archive.zip 
After unzipping the file, open the folder named 17_0_r0_134 (disregard the folder that says "debug" in the filename). Click on the installer that is correct for your operating system.
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