World Languages Day


Michigan State University will host its eleventh World Languages Day (WLD) on Saturday, March 24, 2018. Spearheaded by CLEAR and co-sponsored by over twenty campus units, WLD grows in popularity each year.

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This event brings hundreds of participants, presenters, and volunteers to campus for a day-long conference on world cultures and languages, globalization, the importance of learning foreign languages, and the positive impact knowledge of other languages can have on future career paths. High school students, parents, and teachers from across the state come to learn more about MSU and the myriad international opportunities it offers. Participants choose from up to 75 sessions taught by MSU faculty, graduate students, and community members on topics as diverse as:

  • Balalaikas, babushkas, and…turnips? Russian folk traditions
  • What’s your destination? Foreign languages and your career path
  • Where Mulan sword meets fighting fan: Chinese martial arts
  • Luxembourg: A multilingual country in the heart of Europe
  • Kanga: The Swahili cloth with a message
  • Extinction is not just for dinosaurs: What happens when languages go the way of the triceratops
  • How not to offend a Swede
  • Odissi: The fluidity of Indian classical dance
  • The role of language analysts in the FBI today

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