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This information is current for summer 2018.

Information from the Parking Office of the MSU Police Department

Welcome to MSU and the CLEAR Summer Workshops. Because it is one of the first things you’ll do on campus and so that you may plan accordingly, general parking information is provided below. Please note that there are numerous construction projects on campus this summer. Campus detour information may be found at the MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF) website: Also, while there are few special events on campus during the summer that may affect the following areas, if special event staff are posted at a lot, a cash fee will be required at the entrance.

For a campus map and corresponding lot numbers and locations referenced in the information below, go to A map marked with the specific lots referenced below is available here.

Arriving on the weekend?

You may use meters (note hours of operation at meter) or the Wharton Center (visitor section, access off Shaw Lane) to temporarily unload items. Parking is not allowed 2am-6am in those locations. The vehicle will need to be moved to Lot 91 (see complimentary parking) until you can purchase a permit to park from the MSU Parking Office (see permit parking).

Complimentary Parking:

During the summer sessions only 2018, there are several complimentary parking lots and a permit is not required to park. They are Lots 15, 83, 89 and 91.

Lot 91 is the closest to Owen Hall and about a 20 minute walk. It is located off Service Road near the Hagadorn Road intersection. There is a bus that goes by there every day except Sunday. The route number is #23, and the cost is $1.25. You will need to get off at the CATA Transportation Center on Shaw Lane. Owen Hall is just a short walk from the bus stop. Bus schedules can be found at: or by calling 517-394-1000.

Permit Parking (the most economical pay option for CLEAR participants):

CLEAR participants have the option of purchasing a parking permit from the MSU Parking Office instead of using complimentary or non-permit pay parking as described above. The permit will allow parking in Lots 62W, 79, Ramp 3 (Wharton Center Ramp visitor section including overnight parking) and Ramp 5 without having to pay the daily rate each time you park. A permit is $8/day and/or $12/two days-week. To obtain, participants must present current, state-issued registration and driver’s license at the MSU Parking Office between 7:30am-4:45pm, Monday – Friday (except University holidays or if otherwise posted) as well as state they are on the CLEAR list. Cash, check made out to MSU or AMEX, DISC, MC or VISA may be accepted. The Parking Office is located in the Public Safety Building on campus at 1120 Red Cedar Road. They may be contacted at 517-355-8440 during business hours.

Non-Permit, Daily Pay Parking:

There are several lots on campus that allow for daily parking without a permit. Lots near Wells Hall include 62W, 79 & Ramp 5 and near Owen Hall, Ramp 3 (Wharton Center visitor section). The rate to park in each is 90 cents for 30 minutes. Below is a description and payment method(s) for the lots.  

     Payment required at exit (cash only)

  • Lot 62W is located north of IM West with access off Red Cedar Road.
  • It does not allow 2am-6am parking. Look for it transitioning to a spoton parking lot similar to Lot 79 &Ramp 5. Until that time, it requires cash payment to the attendant when exiting the lot.
  • Ramp 3 (Wharton Center visitor section) is located south of Owen Hall with access off Shaw Lane. It does not allow 2am-6am with exception of having a CLEAR parking permit (see Permit Parking).

     Payment and entry of license plate required immediately after parking

  • Lot 79 is located south of the stadium with access off Shaw Lane (see Ramp 5). It does not allow 2am-6am parking.
  • Ramp 5 is located west of the MSU Police Department, off Trowbridge Road. Parking allowed 2am-6am.
  • Both 79 & Ramp 5 are Spoton parking lots. Immediately after parking, enter your license plate number and payment into the lot’s Spoton pay station or use the MSU Spoton app (go to for details). If using cash, only $1s and $5s are accepted. Please note that there is no change and there are no refunds for time not used.

Disability Parking:

There are disability spaces located near Owen and Wells Hall; however, they may already be in use when you arrive. Contact CLEAR before arriving on campus if you have a question in regards to disability parking.


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