Discount Programs

We realize that budgets are tight for many teachers, so see below for offers to help reduce your financial burden and take advantage of more than one workshop.

Multiple Workshop Discount

Each participant will pay full price for the first workshop. A $25 discount will be applied to each subsequent workshop.

Referral Discount

We are always grateful when you refer your friends and colleagues to CLEAR workshops, and this year we'll prove it! For the first two people who write your name on the referral line in their applications, we'll offer you a $25 discount on one of your workshops! (One referral, $25 discount; two referrals, $50 discount).

Graduate Student Discount

We understand that funds are often limited for graduate students, and invite graduate students from any institution to contact us for further information about possible discounts.

MSU Discount

Current MSU graduate students, instructors, teaching assistants, etc. who wish to attend CLEAR workshops should contact CLEAR about discount information.


Summer Workshops

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