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The Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) at Michigan State University offers onsite workshops for foreign language instructors. These onsite workshops bring members of CLEAR's professional development staff to K-13+ institutions across the country.

Workshop topics include both methodology and technology-related areas. Onsite visits depend on the availability of CLEAR personnel. Contact us as far in advance as possible for the best chance of arranging an onsite workshop at your institution, as we have a very small cadre of available presenters.

Please refer to the requirements and fee schedule below for more information. Contact Joy Campbell to inquire about presenter availability and booking a possible workshop.

Host Institution Requirements

The host institution is asked to pay an hour-based fee for the workshop, plus lodging and airfare (see workshop fees, below).

A minimum guaranteed number of 15 people is required for a workshop.

In order to reach the maximum number of educators, we must limit the number of visits we can make to any individual institution. Schools that have never hosted a workshop will be given scheduling priority over institutions that have recently hosted workshops.

Workshop Fees (Valid August 15, 2015 - August 14, 2016)

CLEAR's onsite workshops are to some extent subsidized by our Title VI grant funding, but we do still need to charge a fee, especially in view of our own rising costs and decreased funding.

Airfare and other transportation: For any workshop outside of Michigan (or any in Michigan that requires a flight), CLEAR will invoice the host for the full cost of the airline ticket for each presenter. (Cost of tickets to be determined using MSU's travel agent and preferred carriers.) For a workshop more than 50 miles away from MSU's campus to which a presenter drives, CLEAR reserves the right to assess a mileage stipend in lieu of the airfare charge. Ticket/mileage fees will be added to the invoice.

Per diem: CLEAR will pay for the presenter's(s') per diem food expenses.

Lodging: Host institutions are required to pay for lodging (e.g., hotel or B&B, not dormitory). The host can have the hotel bill the institution directly, or CLEAR can pay up front and add it to the invoice.

Workshop fees: Fees are split into K-12 and 13+ categories. We recommend a maximum of six hours for a one-day workshop.

K-12 Institution
13+ Institution
1 hour
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
6 hours

Please note:
 Workshops are invoiced within one week after the workshop has taken place and are due 30 days from date of receipt. At this time we are not able to accept credit card payments.


Past Onsite Workshop Topics

(availability of topics depends on current presenter pool)

  • Rich Internet Applications for the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Communicative Ways to Integrate Technology into the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Teaching Speaking and Listening in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Getting Your Students to Use the Target Language in the Classroom
  • Teaching Reading in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Being an Advocate for Foreign Language Learning
  • Communicative Grammar Activities
  • How to Write Effective Test Questions
  • Effective Uses of Drama in the Language Classroom
  • Choosing and Using Authentic Materials
  • Validity: Making Tests Useful
  • Teaching Writing in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Using Audio Portfolios in the Language Classroom
  • Motivating Students with Language Learning Tasks
  • Current and Future Approaches to Assessing Language Skills Online

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