CLEAR Sustains 50% Funding Cut

The following is an excerpt from this issue of the CLEAR newsletter.  Please click the link below to read the full article.

CLEAR has just begun the second year of a new funding cycle, and we are excited about some of the projects and products begun during the past year. We had our most-attended set of summer professional development workshops ever in July, and look forward to continuing to offer these opportunities and our products to language educators nationwide. We do, however, need to share some important news about CLEAR’s funding.

This summer we received word that our federal funding for 2011-12 had been reduced by 50%. This cut was due to a reduction in Title VI funding and affected not only CLEAR and its sister LRCs, but also National Resource Centers, the Fulbright Hayes program, and many other Title VI funded projects. The US Department of Education, which administers Title VI, was as caught off guard by the cuts as we were; there was no warning or opportunity for discussion.

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