Test Development (Workbook)


This workbook and companion video (available separately) are designed to assist language instructors who develop their own tests. Explanations of different possible test items are accompanied by a variety of examples. The video introduces basic concepts involved in language test development, while the workbook explains these concepts in more detail. This valuable resource supplies more than a thousand models for test items. Workbook chapters with a brief description of each follow.

For the inexperienced language test writer, these materials provide a solid introduction to language test development. For the experienced test writer, they offer an extensive variety of possible language test items.

  • Unit 1: Rules for Item Writing
  • Unit 2: Test Purposes
  • Unit 3: Test Item Grid
  • Unit 4: Detailed Text-Based Item Design Tables
  • Unit 5: Detailed Oral/Aural Item Design Tables
  • Unit 6: Test Specifications
  • Unit 7: The Test Development Process and Test Administration

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