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Instructional Guide for Use in Small Classes: African Languages


The free downloadable Instructional Guide for African Languages is written for teachers of any African language. It acts as support material for tutors who are native speakers of African languages who may or may not have a language teaching background. The Guide can also be helpful to experienced language teachers. The Guide begins with an overview of strategies for creating a language course (e.g., establishing goals, using the L2, and finding and using materials). Following the general information, the Guide offers three different groupings of lesson plans: basic language-learning lesson plans for beginners, task-based lessons for intermediate learners, and cultural-based modules for advanced learners. Finally, the Guide concludes with some ideas for integrating structure into a communicative-based classroom with sections on teaching vocabulary, integrating grammar, and understanding the sound system. The accompanying video is intended for use as a training tool for new language teachers who may not be familiar with the language teaching activities found in the Guide. The video depicts three types of language learning activities: information gap activities, role-plays, and text-based lessons. It also discusses topics such maximizing the use of the target language and implementing appropriate error correction. Click here to see a sample PDF of this document. Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) to correctly view the document.


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