CLEAR has developed dozens of products since its inception in 1996. Ranging from language-specific lesson plans and guides to general teacher training materials appropriate for instructors of any language, nearly all of our resources are free. Use the navigation links at right to browse our diverse resources!

Did you know…

  • That thousands of language teachers around the world actively use CLEAR’s free online tools?
  • That CLEAR personnel have given nearly 400 professional development workshops in eighteen years?
  • That CLEAR has developed dozens of “tangible” products, distributing tens of thousands of copies nationally
  • That CLEAR-affiliated personnel have presented over 400 sessions at professional conferences ranging from state-level to international gatherings?
  • That CLEAR co-sponsors the respected peer-reviewed online journal Language Learning & Technology, which has over 21,000 subscribers?
  • That CLEAR-funded research has resulted in over 250 journal articles and other publications by our affiliated faculty?
  • That almost all of our teaching materials and products are free?




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