CLEAR Funded for 2014-18

CLEAR’s directors and staff are delighted to announce that CLEAR has been granted Title VI Language Resource Center (LRC) funding from the US Department of Education for a sixth funding cycle, which will run through September 2018. CLEAR is one of sixteen LRCs nationwide.

In this cycle CLEAR welcomes a new co-director, Dr. Charlene Polio, joining co-director Dr. Susan Gass, who has been with CLEAR since its inception in 1996. Learn more about CLEAR's personnel here.

In its grant application, CLEAR envisioned a new set of projects that will take advantage of the experience gained in the last eighteen years of its existence. The projects are based on CLEAR’s principle of collaboration across institutional and disciplinary boundaries, which allows CLEAR to bring together a wide variety of second language acquisition and language professionals to work on nationally significant projects. Focusing on strategic national language needs, CLEAR’s main activities in this proposal include:1) Materials Development, 2) Professional Development & Outreach, 3) Research, and 4) Collaboration. In addition, a large number of the projects will utilize the innovative technologies for which CLEAR has earned a national reputation. Learn more about CLEAR's upcoming projects here.

CLEAR will continue to operate as a national center by taking the lead in identifying and meeting strategic language needs, evaluating the effectiveness of its products and activities, and providing access to its programs and materials by broad dissemination efforts through its website, publications, conference presentations, and workshops.



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