Summer Workshops

Below are descriptions of some of the summer workshops CLEAR will offer in 2015. Please check back later in the fall to see other new offerings for 2015!

Reading and Listening in the Language Classroom: Focus on the Interpretive Mode

July 13 - 15, 2015 (Mon - Wed)
Presenter: Dr. Julie Foss


We will begin by defining interpretive communication and examining the various processes, reader- and text-based factors involved in reading and listening. We will also look at what readers and listeners are able to do and the types of written and spoken texts they are able to interpret at different ACTFL proficiency levels and sublevels. After exploring process-oriented approaches to reading and listening, you will find authentic written and spoken texts and use them to develop activities for your learners. We will also consider how to promote effective reading and listening strategies, as well as using technology to help develop interpretive communication skills.


Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning: Introductory Techniques

July 16 - 18, 2015 (Thurs - Sat)
Presenter: Dr. Angelika Kraemer


This workshop is for language teachers who want to learn how to use CLEAR's free tools for creating interactive web-based multimedia language materials. The only computer skills that these tools require are point and click, copy and paste, and drag and drop. You get to concentrate on teaching, and don't have to worry about programming, uploading, downloading, or installing. The tools can be used with any language, any textbook, and any level. Learn how to make web pages where your students can record audio files that are automatically uploaded to your virtual dropbox. Make a "mashup" that combines your text, pictures, and video into one web page. Create virtual conversations for your students where they listen to questions, and the program captures their responses automatically. All of these functions are available to you from within a web browser, with no special hardware or software needed. Come and experience the next generation of web-based language teaching! This workshop is limited to 20 people.


The Basics of Assessment: Applying Proficiency-Based Approaches to the Classroom

July 20 - 22, 2015 (Mon - Wed)
Presenter: Dr. Margaret Malone


This workshop will allow language instructors to learn about the basic principles of assessment (reliability, validity, practicality and wash back) and how these principles apply to busy language classrooms. Participants will develop proficiency-based tasks to use with their own students. All participants should bring at least one syllabus and two lesson plans to use in workshop activities.


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