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Center for Language Education and Research Michigan State University
619 Red Cedar Road
B-135 Wells Hall

East Lansing, MI 48824
Phone: 517-432-2286


Professional Development

One of CLEAR's main project areas is strengthening the teaching of foreign languages through high quality professional development workshops on current topics in language pedagogy. CLEAR offers a wide variety of professional development workshops for foreign language instructors of all languages and levels, both on MSU's campus and onsite.

Summer Workshops

Every summer since 1997, CLEAR has offered professional development workshops. Teachers of all levels from all over the country (and internationally) have come to MSU's campus for these practical, informative and timely courses. The range of workshop topics includes both skills-based workshops and sessions on how to incorporate technology into the language classroom.

Onsite Workshops

Onsite workshops bring members of CLEAR's professional development staff to K-13+ institutions across the country. Workshop topics include both methodology and technology-related areas.


Webinars are our online workshops for language teachers. Unlike many webinars, our modules are interactive and focus on specific topics of interest to language teachers. Webinars are largely self-directed and self-paced, but a facilitator will be available to answer questions as participants need additional help.


Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques (VAULTT) is a collection of original videos highlighting various aspects of language teaching in the classroom. Each short video is accompanied by supplementary information (in a PDF) explaining the techniques and relating them to best practices in language teaching. Some of these videos are real classes, and some are staged. Although these materials are based on current research in second language acquisition, they are produced at a level accessible for teachers with little or no pedagogical training.