Speaking Proficiency Assessment


CLEAR’s online speaking proficiency assessments provide are designed to provide a reliable estimate of a student’s oral proficiency level in terms of the verbal labels associated with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) proficiency scale as defined by the 1999 version of the ACTFL Proficiency Guideline – Speaking, which is posted on the ACTFL website www.actfl.org. From top to bottom, these proficiency levels are “Superior,” “Advanced High,” “Advanced Mid,” “Advanced Low,” ”Intermediate High,” “Intermediate Mid,””Intermediate Low,” “Novice High,” “Novice Mid,” and “Novice Low.”

If you are a teacher, you can request an account for Speaking Proficiency Assessment (SPA) templates in any of the following languages:

  • Speaking Proficiency Assessment – Korean template
  • Speaking Proficiency Assessment – Swahili template
  • Speaking Proficiency Assessment – Mandarin template

You will receive approval by email, after which time, you can sign in and create a list of the students whom you would like to take the test. Once they have taken the test, you will be able to enter the rating module to evaluate the responses to each of the 10 test tasks. Before using the rating module, you should work through the Rater Training Module.

If you are a student, and your teacher has registered you to take this test, login to take the test, using the email address and password provided to you by your teacher.